Birthday Weekend!

Monday, August 20, 2012

So my birthday was Thursday August 16th! All my friends tried their best to help me celebrate it and I was super grateful! My work homies got me an Angry Birds cake that was actually a bunch of cupcakes! Pretty damn cool!
That's my Art Director making the face in the bottom right. He is a fucking adult.

Then on Sadurday night I met up with some of my oldest friends for our monthly Bitch and Wine! My besty and her mom (top left) brought our collective niece, Cara the cutie (in the picture second to the left saying 'Cheers!' with he beautiful Mommy) some pretty dresses which Cara let me have them (second picture from the bottom).

I've known these wonderful ladies going on 17 years, I love them so much!

Janine and her mom took me with them to Dave and Busters and the Live Casino at Arundel Mills in Maryland! Everyone tried their hardest to make sure I had a good birthday.

All in all, an awesome 26th Birthday weekend! Looking forward to turning 27 already!

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