Festival Recap: DC Veg Fest

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey guys!

Lots of recaps lately... I went to DC VegFest with my strict vegetarian pal Maumau the Vege and a few other friends recently. It was my first vegetarian event since becoming pescatarian in 2008! It was nice to be around other people who when you tell them you're pescatarian they don't make the stupid pescatarian/presbyterian joke (first time is funny, 13 or more times it's annoying).

There were so many awesome set ups and so much food! There were people serving coconut milk out of actual coconuts (like the guy had a machete and would hack them open for patrons).

I was able to restock on my new favorite Thai Chili sauce Apinya! I'm totally regretting not buying 2 bottles because my first is already half gone. :/ I don't buy condiments typically because of the ingredients but it's 100% vegetarian so no worries there~

Overall I had a really great time and plan on going next year since it was free!

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