Con Recap: Nekocon 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hey guys!

I'm back from Nekocon and still not completely back on my regular schedule but I'm posting this so there you are.
Here's a few of the things I sold at my table! It was my first time not sharing a table and a feel pretty proud of myself. Like a "no more training wheels kinda feeling." As per usual, all the overflow is on sale at my store~!

I also tried my best to attain all the Kaiju/Pacific Rim stuff I could get my hands on @_@. I got the little Knifehead (on the left) from the magnificent creature (on the right) Sarah of Studio Kitsu! He's so damn cuddly <3
I also got a "Kaiju Salvage Crew" t-shirt from the kind folks at the Aardvark table in the dealer's room! And this little fat martini dragon from my pal Dizziness! I've decided to name him Dragno. This is best name.

I also got a pita pouch from an adorable charity activity at the con! The theme this year was Matsuri so there were some fun things you could do for a a couple dollars like goldfish scooping! The awesome thing is all the proceeds went to charity. I also picked up this adorable Takeo pencil pouch because he's my favorite Neko mascot, and this cute little hat!

Annnnnnnnnnd much to my surprise some of the artwork I did for Neko this year ended up on the Vendor's Badges!!! I was turbo excited when I saw this and asked someone for a quick pic (and they just happened to be the Otakon vendor lol). 

If you want to see how more of my art was used at Neko click right here!

It was so awesome to see you guys again and meet new peeps too! I can't wait until next year.
See you guys at Ring of Fire!

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