Terms of Service

I require that anyone that wants to commission me to do work for him/her to read and follow my TOS first. 

I. Rights as the Artist
As the artist, I reserve the following rights:
  • Alter my Terms of Service at anytime. If my TOS are altered while a commission is in progress, that commission will still follow the version before alterations.
  •  Deny and Cancel your commission at anytime with or without explanation.
  • Re-post a smaller, watermarked version of the commissioned work in my gallery and use it as an example for future commission interest.
  • Sell the original sketches or prints of the commission with the permission of the original commissioner. If I am told "no," sketches will be kept as work examples for conventions and so forth.

II. Rights as the Commissioner
As the commissioner, you reserve the following rights:
  • Re-post the commissioned work, linking back to the original artist, for non monetary gain.You may not claim you are the artist of the completed work.
  • Alter your completed commission piece at your discretion.
  • Cancel your commission at anytime and receive a full or partial refund if work is not started or is incomplete unless otherwise stated. [See Section V  for more details] 

III. Content
As the artist I will only draw content in my comfort zone. Anything requested out of it will be denied. Bribing, sweet talking, or any other form of coercing me, the artist, into drawing such content is unacceptable and will call for immediate termination of the commission transaction and denial of future commission interest.

*Copyrighted characters like Renamon, Krystal, and Felicia or Fan characters.
*As the commissioner I reserve the right to deny a commission for any reason.

IV. Payment
Payment must be paid upfront before any work is done.However, payments may be made in installments if  the commissioned work is over 200 USD.

Any commission started can have alterations up until the image(s) are colored.
Prices for changes are as follows:

Before inks:
1st Change- Free
2nd Change- (any changes there after will be charged accordingly)-  $5.00

After inks:

 Deadlines for artwork may not be asked for after payment.Usual turnout is less than two months unless situational issues occur. The commissioner will receive biweekly updates on progress according to his/her place on the commission list and if the commission has been started.

V. Refunds
Refunds will be made if I, the artist, am unable to start or complete the commissioned work.
  • A full refund will only be made for work that has not been started.
  • A partial refund will be made for work that has had a step or steps done. The cost for the step will be subtracted from the original full payment and the rest of the money will be given back to the commissioner.   
 *I accept cancellations from the commissioner at anytime.Please note that money may not be refunded immediately if funds are not available. I will happily pay back the money in installments until it is completely paid off.

 Difficulties during transaction
As the artist I require the commissioner to be respectful,patient, and totreat me like a human being. If constant rudeness, pestering, harassment and disrespect for unreasonable reasons occur and continue after numerous warnings from the artist, the commission transactionwill be terminated and a refund will not be given.

Actions  considered as harassment
  • Having an unrelated party the commissioner knows contact the artist in anyway.
  • Calling the artists out through shouts, journals, or any other form that can be viewed publicly.
I request that business related to the commission be discussed by the artist and commissioner ONLY! Keep things professional until a solution has been found.

By commissioning me you agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above.

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