Bilbo Baggins!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

So since I'm stil all over this LoTR kick, my friend Gary took me and Tokie to a bar/restaurant called Bilbo Baggins! I had no idea this was anywhere nearby and was overjoyed! Inside it was pretty much like a normal bar (not the den of dorkdom I excpected/hoped for). Except some of the taps were shapped like Gandalf and some of the food was named after Hobbits (we got 'Sam's Garden' Pizza and giggled like idiots at 'Frodo's Salad'). I tried Victory Beer for the first time and think I might be in love! (Sorry Guinness!)

So here's the front entrance and the cool picture on the door~

And here's Gary's beer. Forgot what he got but it looked good. (HOMG IT SAYS GREEN DRAGON *fangasm*)

And I also inked some of my Hobbit doodles:

At the request of Marcus: Merry blocking out Pip with Carrots in his ears.

Frodo (before he gets all cracked out on the Ring) eating a giant carrot. Hopefully not one Merry had in his ears...

Frodo asking about the ring I guess. I drew him a lot seeing as he's my least favourite character...that is until the ring starts taking over.

And Frodo, Sam, and Golem in the hotspring (as per Janine's request I think?)

Well anyway, enjoy!

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