Monday, January 25, 2010

This is Sean McKibbens. She lives with her father, Aiden McKibbens (comic book artist), and her mother Michelle McKibbens (lawyer). She's an only child and a so-so student. Her parents feel she might be lonely and decide to get her a pet.

On the way to a shelter they happen upon an abandoned house. Within Sean hears someone crying. Her parents only hear meowing. There's only a space large enough for Sean to squeeze through in the boarded up house. She wriggles through and discovers a kitty. Fainting and on the edge of starvation the last thing he sees before he blacks out is Sean's face inches from his asking if he's ok.

This is Keith. The kitty that Sean found in the mess that was once his home. When his owner died animal services never came to pick him up, leaving Keith to fend for himself for nearly three weeks. Keith is good at lots of things that neither Mr. and Mrs. McKibbens are good at, like cooking and cleaning and looking after Sean.

I don't want to give all the story away but this is a little thing I'm doing for my portfolio too. It has a sad-ish beginning but the story is mostly about Sean and Keith and their adventures. My target audience is kids and preteens so it won't be too hardcore as far as abandonment and the parents not paying a lot of attention to Sean.

Here's another iteration of Sean that I decided I didn't like:

I'm thinking of taking out a few of her teeth to make her look more like a kid. Whatcha think?

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