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Monday, July 27, 2009

A long time ago we had a class where w had to make our own games. I came up with a rather stupid game called 'Creative Cafe' in which you choose from several ingredients to please a rather famous food critic.

I've revamped almost the entire game to the point that it's a borderline dating sim. The main character (yet to be named) asks a girl out but realizes he has no money to spend on a lavish first date. Instead of panicking he takes her to the restaurant owned by his family. At the door he's greeted by his sister and told that they are in fact short staffed. At first the Main Guy refuses to help, explaining that he's on a date. The girl he asked out, Berry, is suddenly pleased asking if he'll make an 'extra special dish just for here'. How can he say no to that? So it's into the kitchen where he decides from an array of ingredients to please his would-be girlfriend!

There ya have it! I've already laid out some of the art:

Main dude.

His sister.

The gal he's after...

And some of the food!

What do you think?

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