You guys saw Star Trek, right?

Monday, June 8, 2009

And Up?

I didn't love Up as much as I thought I would. I'm not sure why though. Some characters seemed 1 dimensional blah blah....but it was beautifully animated. Good stuff. But Star Trek. Oh my God. So good. I've only ever seen the original series (I didn't like the Next Generation) and I liked it when I was 6 so why not now, right? "The cadet's logic is sound."
I always liked McCoy. He's so crotchety and old, when I grow up I want to be as cranky and mean as he is.

On the job front...nothing but commissions right now and the lovely Mrs. Kaiser has decided to give me a 'Mommy's Helper' gig. Basically I tag along with her to places like the Aquarium and the park and help kid wrangle (except for Joshua who can't walk yet). I expect I'll be starting whenever she needs me.

Nothing to report as far as art.


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