No Sh!t Sherlock!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New current TV obsession BBC's Sherlock! I'm always tardy to the party...but in case you are somehow as late as me; Sherlock is a modern take on the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. There's lots of texting, general shenanigans, and free-running. In short-I'm in love.

I had (yet another) allergic reaction to something and found my face swollen when I woke up. I feel quite like a prisoner n my own home. Luckily- I was able to work from home today and (thankfully) I finished everything I needed to and had time left to slip into a Benedryl induced coma draw.

So have some doodles:

So first up is Dr. Watson! Love his striped sweater~!
This has probably been done before but, Holmes in Prof. Layton's clothes. The 2 love puzzles and were clearly made fore each other.

And a completed (-ish) ink of Mr. Holmes.


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