Art Jams After Dark...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

...awww yeah. Me and a few friends from school (namely Chris and Sako) started an artjam with a few more of our other friends. We do these artjams around midnight to 3am so lately I've been too tired from work to participate but here's a few pics for our previous prompts: One of the first prompts was 'Venom'. I love Venom because he hates Spiderman as much as I do.

The Cap'n was also one of the first prompts. Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about Captain America. So I went with what I did know, cereal!

My convo with Chris prior to this image: Chris: ok you must do it tonight Me: I know nothing of the cap'n tho imma noob v_v Chris: White dude, silly suit, big damn shield... Me:*just draws the green arrow* Chris: ...square jaw. Me: Eating an apple pie and punching a terrorist right?


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